Redpath Waterfront Festival Toronto

  • Client:
    Partners: Waterfront BIA & Redpath Sugar
  • Project:
    Redpath Waterfront Festival Toronto

Founded in 2008 by the Waterfront BIA, KS+A was engaged to build a strategic plan with the objective to bring Tall Ships back to Toronto in 2010. Together with our partners Redpath Sugar and the Waterfront BIA, KS+A and festival co-producer Harmony Marketing  [sponsorship/partnership], created Water’s Edge Festivals & Events [WEFE], an Ontario not-for-profit corporation with a mandate to be the driving force behind the successful festival.  

The Redpath Waterfront Festival is a unique festival that provides on-land and water programming while positioning and promoting Toronto locally, nationally and internationally as a waterfront destination.

KS+A’s scope included the strategic plan, project management, programming, design and execution of this event with our stakeholders and community volunteers.
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